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Sara Curcio MA, LPCC

Licensure Candidate

Welcome! I am Sara C. I live for moments immersed in wild spaces, live music, good food, and community. 

I have been a practicing board-certified Music Therapist for ten years, working with children who have life-limiting illnesses and disorders of consciousness. This special field has fueled my desire to become a counselor and continue to care for and witness those on the path of ‘becoming.’ 

I work with young adults and adults on their journeys towards self-understanding, nervous system regulation, self-compassion, and personal growth & expansion. I am particularly called to work with those who are so courageously braving the depths of grief and trauma.

Through storytelling, art, grief work, dreamwork, and nature-based practices, we can begin to enter the depths of the psyche and soul and extract meaning from our suffering. It is when we do this work that we begin to remember who we truly are. 

Sara Curcio MA, LPCC
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