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Sara Leatherwood BA

Counseling Intern

I am from Colorado. I love animals, especially dogs. And the outdoors. Rafting, camping, and fishing are my jam!  I am starting to sound like the cliché native now so that is enough about me as a person, now to the professional part. I have a background working with individuals struggling with addiction and am a licensed Certified Addiction Specialist. I have worked in residential, outpatient, and detox, in both smaller and larger settings. I also have experience with veterans, individuals under criminal justice supervision, and survivors of intimate partner violence.

My philosophical belief is that each of us will encounter challenges as we experience this journey called life. I also believe that we each possess the power to overcome these as they arise within us. I see my role as a counselor to support you in that process, both emotionally and through the application of therapeutic techniques. Though there are many therapeutic approaches I believe that interactions should be based on the situation and what you need. I am direct when needed, but also have the capacity to be empathetic. If you choose to work with me expect some foul language (sprinkled in at times) and to be challenged, but mostly expect to work side-by-side creating space for your growth.

Sara Leatherwood BA
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