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Jarl Anderson MA, MFTC

Independent Contractor

I have a background in contemplative psychology, which emphasizes mindfulness, interconnectedness

and compassion toward others and ourselves. I also hold a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy,

which includes hundreds of hours of specialized training in working with relationships: couples, families,

and workplace. Thus, I often (but not always) work with more than one person in the therapy room. I

have been practicing therapy with clients since 2017.

My approach emphasizes collaborating with my clients to access their authentic presence and resolve

problems ranging from the everyday to the existential. Some issues that I have enjoyed working on with

clients include anger, depression, anxiety, creative/artistic process and work-life balance in couples and


My path to becoming a clinician has taken me through careers in information technology, local

government and the arts. It was my experience as a client in therapy that inspired me to switch careers

and do this work. When I’m not “therapizing,” I travel, make music and share all that Colorado has to

offer with my partner and kids.

Jarl Anderson MA, MFTC
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