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Dean Gestal BA

Counseling Intern

I am passionate about helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives and helping you to make sense of the things that happen seemingly out of our control. You are so much more powerful than you think you are. I combine scientific and spirituality based approaches such as Existential psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Logotherapy to help people uncover their own power within so that they can be free to choose their own path in every moment.

I enjoy working with anyone struggling to understand what life has thrown at them. Some events are natural courses of biology, others are matters of environmental and interpersonal conflict and engagement. Trauma and anxiety is not limited to one group of people. I work with anyone ranging from adolescents to elderly populations. If you are struggling with making meaning in your life. I would love to work with you. My path has taken me into the nooks and crannies of topics such as end-of-life and transition anxiety, religion and spirituality, love and sexuality, death, relationships and boundaries, and choice of will. But, of course, my interests and expertise range far beyond that to anime, the next best opportunity to see live music, and the superiority of American cheese.

Regardless of what you are facing, there is a path to freedom. You know the way, I am just here to be your sidekick in navigating the motions in the darkness. I promise to show up with authenticity and curiosity as we let new experiences arise and process what is present in this moment. Through integration of your parts and our awareness of their function, we can work towards loving every part of ourselves. We are going to get to know the real you, and remind you that you are whole just as you are.

Dean Gestal BA
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